Tourist Places in Ranakpur

Tourist Places in Ranakpur

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Ranakpur, a small beautiful village in Rajasthan is certainly a place worth seeing. The region is nestled in a remote valley of the Aravalli range.


The climate in Ranakpur is quite hot in summer. The maximum temperature recorded till date is 42 degree Celsius. The winters are not all that cold in this region. The temperature dips to a maximum of 10.6 degree Celsius in the winter. Light woolen clothes are recommended during the winter season.

There is approximately 90 percent humidity in the atmosphere during the rainy season that lasts from the month of July to midst of September.

The holidaymakers are advised to plan a vacation to this place between October to March to see the exceptionally beautiful place Ranakpur.

How to Reach

The closest air connectivity to Ranakpur is Dabok airport situated near Udaipur.
If you approach Ranakpur through railway, Phalna is the only available option.

You can also opt to board a bus from Udaipur which is just 98 kilometers away from Ranakpur. You will reach the destination in just 5 hours time. The place is also connected to the other popular parts of the state such as Mount Abu, Udaipur and Jodhpur through a well developed network of navigable roadways.

Hotels and Accomodation

Ranakpur has a beautiful orchard, Maharani Bagh laid by the Maharani of Jodhpur. This luxurious hotel is a halt only for the rich and the royal families. It offers some of the best facilities and amenities to its visitors.

Talking of the accommodation it provides, it has spacious and clean rooms. Doubles are priced at Rs 5000 each night. It has a total of 15 fully air conditioned rooms.

There is yet another recommended 3 star hotel in Ranakpur, Fateh Bagh hotel. It has a total of 20 deluxe rooms and suits and offers certain other amenities to its guests. These include swimming pool, bird watch, credit card acceptance and doctor on call. It also houses a multi cuisine restaurant.

Apart from these, some of the other hotels in Ranakpur include Ranakpur Hill Resort, Hotel Shilpi and Shivika Lake Hotel.


Restaurants such as Roopam serve several tasty dishes for its visitors.

In order to experience sumptuous dining, drop in at the restaurant inside the Maharani Bagh Orchard Retreat heritage hotel. It offers a multi cuisine.

In house restaurants are also present in Ranakpur Hill Resort and Fateh Bagh Hotel.

Places to Visit

Ranakpur is popularly known as the temple city of Rajasthan. The enigmatic Jain temples have captured tourists attention from times immemorial. It displays a fantastic blend of Hindu and Jain architectural style.

The famous Ranakpur Jain Temple exhibits art at its best on every inch. The temple was erected in the 15th century in the beautiful Aravali ranges. This massive marble pilgrim is revered as one amongst the five most important temples of the Jainism. There are innumerable pillars in this temple. These forty feet high pillars are carved each with a different design that bedazzles the visitor.

There are some beautifully carved small temples inside the complex as well. Shoes and leather objects are forbidden inside the temple.

A famous antiquarian Ferguson comments that no other temple in the nation leaves a pleasing impression and arranges columns in the interiors as gracefully as done in the temples of Ranakpur.

You can witness the beauty of the Aravali range through visiting the wildlife sanctuary here. Panthers, deer, wild pigs, jackals, etc., are some of the animals you can see there.


Being a small village, you will hardly get anything extraordinary to shop for in Ranakpur. There is not much opportunity for shopping in Ranakpur. You are rather recommended to shop in Udaipur which is the nearest major city. Enjoy shopping as there are lots of things to pick such as silver jewelery and gems, paintings, etc. Thus, the lack of good shopping in Ranakpur is well substituted.

People and Culture

Ranakpur is a sacred place for the devotees of Lord Mahavira. Due to the beautiful Jain temples present here, it is also known as the ‘temple town of Rajasthan’.

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