Book Elephant Safari & Activity in Jaipur

Book Elephant Safari & Activity in Jaipur

Book Elephant Safari & Activity in Jaipur – Elephant Joy in Jaipur, India is a fantastic way for you to get hands-on experience and make a real difference to the lives of our elephants. Experience the most exciting, innovative, working elephant village in India, dedicated to conserving elephants. You can learn about their basic habits of food, life, and traditional decoration.

People from Elephant Joy is engaged with elephant by birth, not by profession. Our family has been riding and taking care of elephants for 6 generations but nowadays we have a very different world where everyone has a busy life. So we have created these activities for people who want to be a Mahout(Rider) of a beautiful and gentle animal.


  • Experience to see an Elephants sanctuary.
  • Get a chance to involve in different activities with Elephants.
  • Short ride of an Elephant.
  • Enjoy the fresh cooked lunch.

Duration : 04 Hours

Location: Jaipur

Detailed Itinerary

Day 01 : 1000 hrs Pick up from your hotel and then short drive of 40 minutes takes you out to the forested hills and verdant valleys formed by the ancient Aravalli Mountains. Here you will be introduced to the Elephants. The aim is to preserved wilderness and natural beauty whilst creating a sanctuary for animals to live and for humans to enjoy.

Now, you will get an interaction with resident Elephants, feeding them, washing and scrubbing them and possibly witness them having a mud bath – all in privacy and exclusivity at one of Jaipur exclusive wilderness venues or simply strolling in the wilderness with them accompanied with an in-house naturalists.
Enjoy the short Elephant ride (05-10 minutes) and by the time fresh lunch will be ready to serve you.

  • Lunch at 1300 Hrs

1430 hrs Afternoon around you will drive back to your hotel.

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